Huff Puff

Huff puffPuff puff I had to take a breathI must be addicted or somethingTo the disappointment The idea of never improving To stare at the stars And wish for the betterOnly to break downDue to a simple number  What is a number?A letter? A thought?Are we truly free?control our destiny? What is destiny?Only of slim chanceNo. Not… Continue reading Huff Puff

December Adventures Seattle Part 4

In one of my adventures last December, I was exploring the city of Seattle, Washington. Here is Part 4 out of 4. Part 4: Planes and Magic. I am a fan of Harry Potter. Now, I wouldn’t say I am the biggest fan. I don’t play Quidditch—yes, people do play a game that is supposed… Continue reading December Adventures Seattle Part 4

Why I don’t trust News Articles about Science.

This was a recent topic of conversation among my friends and I thought I might as well write my two cents here for it. As the title suggests, I do not trust news articles about science, specifically ones that says, “New study reveals “blank”. The reason being, I tend to see a lot of articles… Continue reading Why I don’t trust News Articles about Science.