Creative Side

Huff Puff

Huff puff
Puff puff

I had to take a breath
I must be addicted or something
To the disappointment 
The idea of never improving

To stare at the stars 
And wish for the better
Only to break down
Due to a simple number 

What is a number?
A letter? A thought?
Are we truly free?
control our destiny?

What is destiny?
Only of slim chance
No. Not chance.
Miserable hope.

Can hope be miserable?
After all it’s not a reality
It’s the thought of better
But lost in imagination 

How vast is imagination?
Can we even create?
Or do we just retell what is done?
And lie of our own abilities.

I wish for the abilities of the heroes
To be able to swing past buildings
To be able to fly or have all that money 
But maybe I don’t?

Heroes live tragic lives
To hide and continually fight.
All for what? To eventually be hated
Or be told you weren’t needed.

What is that I need?
I think I might need another breath.
I know I’m not special.
I think I’m not special.

Huff puff
Puff puff

Creative Side Today's Thoughts

Uncertainty of the Small World.

The world is small, fully known,

With no mysteries at all. 

From the Pacific to the Atlantic,

We, as a species, have seen it all.

At least that’s how we carry ourselves.

Yet in times like this, 

We realize the world is alive.

It responds and shows us just how little we know.

And within days, we realize the world is not small.

Nothing is fully known, and mysteries remain.

This uncertainty is what we may try to ignore.

But, cautious we should remain. 

But Caution shouldn’t equal fear.

For the stories are right,

And fear can lead down an angry path.

Instead, we should stay humble,

And be reminded of the things that hold value.

Creative Side

I Find Myself In The Shower.

Let the water strike my head.

With its warm soothing touch,

I find myself in pause.

A hug of something nurturing,

like the hug from a loved one.

For those few minutes, there’s rest.

Neither fear nor stress. Just a breath.

The grounding sense of the present,

and not the drowning pool of worries.

I needed this. I needed this.