Deload Week is Over

Last week was my deload week. In other words, the weight and frequency dropped a fair amount to allow my body to rest and fully recover. To be completely honest, I have never heard of such a week before I started my program, but it was fantastic. Of course, it was a little weird not… Continue reading Deload Week is Over

What Do I Do for Fun?

I remember a year ago, I was concerned about many things. Some of which I still am, and some of which just seem silly now. One question I had before starting school was whether I would actually find myself with time to do things not related to school. I wondered this because I am a… Continue reading What Do I Do for Fun?

December Adventures Seattle Part 4

In one of my adventures last December, I was exploring the city of Seattle, Washington. Here is Part 4 out of 4. Part 4: Planes and Magic. I am a fan of Harry Potter. Now, I wouldn’t say I am the biggest fan. I don’t play Quidditch—yes, people do play a game that is supposed… Continue reading December Adventures Seattle Part 4