It’s Not An Excuse To Nap

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. It might be because I am stressed. It might be because of my poor habits. it’s not a problem I drink so much coffee. And yes my phone can be a distraction. But I don’t think those things are the cause. Am I in denial? Of course not. Maybe. Possibly. Truthfully, I… Continue reading It’s Not An Excuse To Nap

I Will Find an End to My Problem

So I have this problemIt’s not an old problemBut it is now a chronic problemI see you going aboutDoing your thingObserving the worldAt least what’s your world All you want is to foodAll you want is sexI get that, I really do.the living revolves around the two But I hate you As much as I… Continue reading I Will Find an End to My Problem

Coffee Grounds Review: Starbucks House blend and Organic Yukon

Like many others, I love coffee. It gets me started and going through the day, and it lightens my taste buds with something amazing. As much as I love it, I wouldn’t say I am a connoisseur of coffee by any means. Even just watching the coffee experts on Youtube, I get amazed by all… Continue reading Coffee Grounds Review: Starbucks House blend and Organic Yukon