Medical School

I’m back and Medical School Structure

It’s been a while since my last post. Mainly because, I’ve been busy with finishing my term. I am glad to say that I have passed all my courses.

So what does that mean? And why should you care that I passed?

Well for one, I might be your doc in your future, lol. Or if you are wondering how medical school is structured, this post might be helpful.

Semester 1 has been about basic science. Literally we go back to biochemistry, anatomy, histology, etc. This is to establish the foundation for what is to come.

Starting next semester (Semester 2 of year 1), I will be in systems courses. From what I hear from my upper classman, these courses will entail the medical aspect of things such as illnesses and drugs, etc. You know, one of the reasons we are in medical school. So I am really excited. These system courses will continue on until the end of year 2. So that means for both semesters of year 2, I will be in systems. Afterwards, there is Step 1. This is the first of many standardized examinations because who doesn’t like those? The Step 1 score will be the huge contributor to placement in residency so it’s no joke. Probably more important than the MCAT for some perspective.

If you pass step 1, you can move on to clinical rotations. This is when you actually go out to hospitals to work and study. You don’t get paid, and by work I am told you are literally at the bottom of the bottom. And frankly, you can’t complain because in that high and mighty: “look at me I’m a medical student mindset”, you realize you don’t know anything. So stop trying to show off or be arrogant, and study. With these rotations, you will have shelf examinations at the end of each one. This is to make sure you actually learned about the specialties you are rotating in. I believe between year 3 and 4 you take Step 2 PE. Basically, to make sure you know how to treat patient, so you know don’t be Dr. House.

With the end of year 4, you apply for residencies and hopefully get in.

I know all this info seems rushed and not detailed. For one, I am still in year 1, so this is just everything I have learned from professors and upperclassman. Also, of course there are more factors to consider, a big one is what specialty one would want which would require different things: e.g. Ortho vs FM. And by FM, I mean family medicine and not your “car radio which somebody stole”…(TOP anyone?). And honestly, it might seem like a huge headache, and it is, at least it is for the part I am right now. But you just have to take one thing at a time. And this goes with anything that you do. Losing weight? 1 calorie at a time. Binging Netflix? One episode at a time. ETc.


Anyway glad to be back, but logging off,


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