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Huff Puff

Huff puff
Puff puff

I had to take a breath
I must be addicted or something
To the disappointment 
The idea of never improving

To stare at the stars 
And wish for the better
Only to break down
Due to a simple number 

What is a number?
A letter? A thought?
Are we truly free?
control our destiny?

What is destiny?
Only of slim chance
No. Not chance.
Miserable hope.

Can hope be miserable?
After all it’s not a reality
It’s the thought of better
But lost in imagination 

How vast is imagination?
Can we even create?
Or do we just retell what is done?
And lie of our own abilities.

I wish for the abilities of the heroes
To be able to swing past buildings
To be able to fly or have all that money 
But maybe I don’t?

Heroes live tragic lives
To hide and continually fight.
All for what? To eventually be hated
Or be told you weren’t needed.

What is that I need?
I think I might need another breath.
I know I’m not special.
I think I’m not special.

Huff puff
Puff puff

Creative Side Today's Thoughts

Uncertainty of the Small World.

The world is small, fully known,

With no mysteries at all. 

From the Pacific to the Atlantic,

We, as a species, have seen it all.

At least that’s how we carry ourselves.

Yet in times like this, 

We realize the world is alive.

It responds and shows us just how little we know.

And within days, we realize the world is not small.

Nothing is fully known, and mysteries remain.

This uncertainty is what we may try to ignore.

But, cautious we should remain. 

But Caution shouldn’t equal fear.

For the stories are right,

And fear can lead down an angry path.

Instead, we should stay humble,

And be reminded of the things that hold value.

Medical School

My New Favorite Study Aid: “Bacterionomicon”

I always say that everyone has a different style of learning.  For example, some people would swear that sketchy is the key to success. Personally, I’m not a fan of sketchy. I just find the illustrations too….well not connecting? I’m just not a fan of the illustrations and they don’t stick with me. Again, I am just talking about my own experiences.

I say all this because I came across the company with products that seem to be up my alley. The company is Nerdcore Medical. To be honest, I don’t know how popular or big their products are. I say that because I have never heard of them from any of my colleagues. I just happen to find them while searching the web. They are the creators of “Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma” which is a card game where I guess there are two sides: the bacteria or the antibiotics. I cannot fully explain the game because I didn’t want to spend money on a game where I might not even find people to play with, but the concept has struck a chord with me. Mainly each bacteria and antibiotic is given a character like you would see in a fantasy video game. Because of this, I decided to buy the “Bacterionomicon”, a book with each page dedicated to the character in the card game.

Before I continue I must emphasize, I am not like an affiliate or anything. I just simply love the product. First off, the artwork is just amazing. It actually made me think of my…”WoW” days… Yeah, I’m not too proud of that. Anyway, they also did a clever job of tying in all the relevant information of the bacteria and antibiotics like how they distinguished between gram + and gram -. Because this product ties in with my actual interests and hobbies, I find it a lot easier to remember the content as compared to something like sketchy where it just seems kind of random. Now I just wish they would do something like this for other medically relevant material. Imagine Pathoma but with fantasy characters representing them… Even if such a thing gets made, too bad Step is just around the corner for me now. But future students will definitely get a use out of it.


Why the name change?

You know it’s funny. When I started this blog, it was just a space to record some fun stuff I was trying out. Then it became more medical school centered. I mean, school is a huge part of my current life, so I guess that change was only natural. However, I actually didn’t like it! I felt like my whole identity was becoming school-related. As much as I tried different things and try to tell them, I still felt stuck in a way.

To be short, this summer was much needed. While I continued my studies, after all, boards are important. I used a lot of my time to also travel with my family. I saw many wonderful things and experienced much more. Through it, I gained a whole new appreciation for the arts and more understanding of the different cultures in this beautiful world. Through it all, I started exploring more into various hobbies and activities such as photography. Though I don’t consider myself any good, I want to share them. To do so, I needed a space, a space that isn’t confined by one subject but can be literally anything I want. Thus, I chose this blog. I mean the beauty of blogging is that we, the creators, shape it to who we are and if the audience doesn’t like that, well I don’t plan on living off this, so who cares? I just hope that some people would find this blog entertaining, but I don’t want to sacrifice my voice through the process of appeasing others. And boom! the name change, the change to something more general. One thing that I constantly have to work on is shutting off my work brain. This is one thing my significant other always mentions. Like I keep mentioning with my posts, I hope this blog helps with that.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled on for too long now. To everyone that read this, even if it’s just one line, thanks! And to everyone that read this and liked it, even a bigger thanks! 🙂

Lifting Journey Misc. Personal

Deload Week is Over

Last week was my deload week. In other words, the weight and frequency dropped a fair amount to allow my body to rest and fully recover. To be completely honest, I have never heard of such a week before I started my program, but it was fantastic.

Of course, it was a little weird not really pushing myself in the gym, but my energy and passion to get stronger have recovered greatly. Yesterday, I started a new week of strength training, and it was awesome. While being hard, I noticed myself more eager to get through the movements and just in a happier mood.

I did some searching and I guess several people particularly dislike deload week, and I get it. It’s a week of rest and it almost feels like you are cheating on your fitness goals. However, I now think it is an essential part to have not just for the physical aspects, but for the mental as well.

Creative Side

I Find Myself In The Shower.

Let the water strike my head.

With its warm soothing touch,

I find myself in pause.

A hug of something nurturing,

like the hug from a loved one.

For those few minutes, there’s rest.

Neither fear nor stress. Just a breath.

The grounding sense of the present,

and not the drowning pool of worries.

I needed this. I needed this.


Lifting Journey Misc. Personal

First Week of April 2019

I can’t recall how many weeks I’ve been at this specific program now, but it’s been fun and painful. It’s something alright, realizing that you are going to be late if you don’t run but trying to run with sore legs.

In terms of major movements that I care about in terms of weight, I am getting about:

  • squats: 185lb
  • Bench: 155lb
  • Deadlift: 205lb

To feed my fragile ego when it comes to exercise and fitness, I want to say these are not one rep maxes. haha.


Lifting Journey Me doing me Music Personal

What Do I Do for Fun?

I remember a year ago, I was concerned about many things. Some of which I still am, and some of which just seem silly now. One question I had before starting school was whether I would actually find myself with time to do things not related to school. I wondered this because I am a person with many interests. A wannabe renaissance man if you will, because I am not good at many of my interests.

This worry stems from all the people you hear about from various forums and sources that describe as school being hard and not finding a lot of time to do things. I’m going to be a 100% honest, that is a load of poo. Yes, I still say poo, because I find the word funny. I know. I know. I’m five. I guess people who have tougher experiences will be more vocal about it, but I have seen with myself and many of my colleagues that time can be made.

I say all this because like I said with my previous post, I wanna talk more than just medicine or science. While I still plan to talk about the two, I would also like to express my excitement for various activities I partake that are not related to academics or clinical. All in all, I guess this is a continuation of my last post. Basically, I’m realizing that it would be fun and encouraging to also write about other aspects of my life that I enjoy. 

For example, I enjoy weightlifting and music. Interestingly, I don’t consider myself good at either of those haha. However, I do think I’m going to start posting content on those two things and more because it would provide a nice break from all the learning. That’s basically what I wanted to say. I know what a roundabout way of saying that. I guess I went a bit wordy but can you blame me? It is a blog after all, haha.

Me doing me Misc. Personal

I disappeared again

I think the title says the gist of what I am saying. I’ve been off this platform for a long time. A good part of that was time, mainly trying to figure out my way of studying, even more, to make it more efficient. However, another part of that is because I simply became a little disinterested in the blog itself. Mainly because I simply realized that I do not always want to talk about school or science. This realization came after I made some posts about my travels through Seattle.

Truth is, it’s easy to get very narrow-minded on a particular genre, and it’s not easy to climb out of that mindset. I love science and medicine, that will always be a huge part of me…I mean I am pursuing a career in one for crying out loud. However, the world is bigger than that. There are other subjects to learn and talk about. Truth be told, that element is what I miss a lot about my college and taking all those liberal art courses.

I actually didn’t fully realized what I was doing until very recently when I was with my significant other. You see we are in a long distance relationship right now, but I had the opportunity to be with that person for what seemed like a short time. I say all this because that person has to ability to always make me open my eyes a little more and see the beauty in the world in which I would have never even considered to exist. And truth be told, I think that is what I want to try to write about. Simply put, when focusing on one or two things for so much for so long, it’s easy to crash and burn. It won’t mean I won’t ever write about science or my educational experiences, but I want to write more than just that. In other words, I guess I am getting to a point where I am using this blog for its actual intended purposes and that is as a space to write whatever.

For example, I am in a band now! Of course, practice times are a bit sporadic due to the busyness of schooling. But music is always a passion of mine and it’s nice to find myself still trying to keep up with it whenever I can.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled on for what was simply to say that the world is a big and fun place filled with wonderful adventures and activities people can do, and I want to write about that.

Medical School Personal Today's Thoughts

One Sad Truth I Have Learned

Waking at 6am is now late for me….

I finally had the opportunity to sleep in, but my brain won’t let me. Guess, back to the grind.